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Make up tips - avoid Make Up Mayhem with Ellie May Studio

Sometimes, its hard to understand why we felt so good looking in the mirror that day, only to get our photos back and think.......... "What! Is that what my makeup looked like????

Just because the makeup that you purchase is marketed as an everyday makeup and looks great during the day  doesn't mean that its safe for photography. 

Consumer products that contain SPF, glitter, light reflective pigments/shimmers, can in fact cause the light from you camera flash to "bounce back" or reflect back to the lens. This can result in a "ghost face" look, in which your face looks white and your body looks normal color. Skin naturally absorbs the light, makeup doesn't.

So, here are some things to avoid to ensure that you look as great in your facebook album, as you did on your special day!

Most common mistakes made with wedding makeup:
  • Using fashion colors or the latest trends – nothing dates your photos quicker than blue eye shadow. Some colors can make your eyes look dull, your skin grey and give you a sick look in your photos. Use warm, neutral colors that will not date your look and keep your skin looking amazing. 
  • Too much makeup  or "the drag queen look" -  Avoid too much bronzer, heavy foundation and oversized falsies. Looking like a fresh, flawless, happy version of you is what your loving man wants to see walking up the isle, not Ru Paul.
  • Red carpet regret - heavily smoked eyes may look great on the Kardashian crew, but your wedding day is not the grammys...... keep your makeup elegant & reflective of your natural beauty. You can always do a lady gaga inspired look when you next go out on the town with your girlfriends. Even the stars understand this concept on their wedding day..... 99% of celebrity brides look like any other bride - neutral, radiant & naturally gorgeous!
  • Using non photo friendly foundations – getting the "ghost" look from the flash photography. Ensure that you use a photo friendly foundation which contains no SPF or is specifically designed for photography. Powder lightly down your décolletage & across the tops of your shoulders to ensure that you face & body reflect the same amount of light.
  • Too much powder – your skin looks cakey on the day. There is a knack to ensuring that your foundation  looks fresh matte without looking like you have raided Nanna's talcum powder draw.
  • Using shimmery / glittery products – can make you look sweaty & greasy in your photos. Matte is always best for flawless finish in photography. If you are going to use a shimmer product, keep it out of your T-zone completely and use it sparingly. 
  • Using sticky lip glosses – resulting in your veil & anything you eat sticking to your lips all day. Sticking with a matte lipstick is recommended.
  • Using your friends makeup – colors need to be the best possible for your skintone – not to mention the hygiene aspect of using someone elses mascara or lipstick.  Don't risk having a tide line on your wedding day, or the chance of catching a coldsore or eye infection on your special day..... its not worth it!
  • Having unreal expectations – people with oily skin will need to blot or powder their skin as the day goes on, just as you will need to reapply your lipstick to keep it fresh. You should get your bridesmaid to carry an emergency kit in her handbag including - translucent powder, blotting paper, lipstick, some cotton tips & makeup remover ( helps to remove lipstick left on your cheeks by guests kissing the bride). As the scouts say - be prepared!
But why run the risk of a wedding day mistake. Call Elena on 021 129 4631 and avoid make up mayhem!!